Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Gratitude to Everyone!

Dear all loyal and valued customers,

SteamMeCupcake would like to announce the end of our services here in Melaka.

We are proud to say that without such great customers like you,
we will not make it to be what we are today.

Hopefully we are looking forward to serve you again in the near future,
this time we'll be based in KL.

But until further notice, we would like to express our many thanks
to everyone who has been supporting us throughout
all these years we've been in Melaka,



Lord of the Rings theme!

Hi again!

Sin Lin wanted a set of 25 Tiny cupcakes as her friend's
farewell gift!

She wanted the cupcakes theme to be like the Lord of the Rings,
so this is what we've came out with!

All the best to you too Jo!
Thank you for your patronage, Sin Lin!

Swirls & For Mom's Theme!

Hi world!

Yong Ching has ordered 2 sets of 16 Mini cupcakes from us!
Both sets for separate occasions, one is for
his mom's birthday!

Here are his sets:

For Mom's set!

His 2nd set:

Thank you for your loyal support, Yong Ching!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sesame Street theme!

Hey there guys & girls!

We've received a large order from Dheepa,
requesting for a total of 150 Tiny cupcakes
for her nephew's 1st birthday celebration!

She wanted Sesame Street themed cupcakes,
have a look!

Happy Birthday Praveen!
Thank you for your big support, Dheepa!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lovely theme!

Hey there!

We have an order from Djelizshia, with a set of 25 Tiny cupcakes
for Faris's 1 year old celebration!

She sent us her desired designs for this set,
so here they are!

Happy birthday Faris!
Thank you for your support, Djelizshia!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Closing Down Sales

Hello there,

We will be completing our studies end of September 2011 hence there will be closing down sales!

25 tiny swirl cupcakes only at RM25. Original price RM35.

16 mini swirl cupcakes only at RM25. Original price RM35.

Only valid while stocks last, on first come first serve basis and swirl designs as attached.

Last pick up on 14th September 2011.
No deliveries provided.
Pick up at Petronas Bukit Beruang.

Get your last taste of our cupcakes before it's gone!

Best Regards,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hearty Bear Combo theme!

Harro everyone!

We're back with an order from Yong with a set of 16 Mini cupcakes
and she wanted something pretty similar with
one of our previous orders,
which has sweet romantic colours with bears!

Hope you and your friends enjoyed our cupcakes!
Thank you for your support, Yong!